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Simply call us at 317-297-5272 or email us at familykarateusa@aol.com



We offer a Free Introductory Lesson to come in and get a Tour of the School, Personal Analysis, Individual Karate Lesson, and a Personal Conference.


Tour of the School is an opportunity to come in and see our facility.   During this tour we will teach you how to be a karate student.  You will learn what you should do when you come into the school and where everything is located.  Children learn how to show respect by eye contact, answering with sir and ma'am, and learning that true self-discipline is to obey rules and authority without being told.


Personal Analysis is a time where we find out what your goals for your karate training. For both Children and Adults, we want to understand what it is you want to accomplish with your training.  Whether it is Confidence, Self-Defense, Discipline, Physical Fitness, or something else, we want to find the best way to help us focus on what is important to you in your training.


Individual Karate Lesson is a private lesson with one of our instructors.  During your first Black Belt Karate Lesson you will see how we teach.   You will gain an understanding in how our classes are taught and learn a few basics that will get you prepared for the regular class sessions.  You will find out in a few brief minutes what you will eventually learn as you continue your training at our Academy.  You will find our instructors are experienced professionals who have a lot to offer you and your family.  You will find that karate will not only teach you how to defend yourself, but eventually will influence every area of your life in a positive way.


The Personal Conference is where we sit down with you and your family and discuss the prices, programs and schedules.  This is also a great time to discuss questions or concerns that you may have about the martial arts.  We know that starting in the martial arts can be an exciting but unfamiliar experience.  We take the time to help you better understand what you can expect in the training.   We offer a variety of programs to fit your interest and commitment levels.   You will find our schedule flexible and accommodating to almost everyone's situation.   Whether you are just curious about trying karate for a short period of time to see if you like it, or you have always had your eye on becoming a black belt, we have the experience to guide you to the program and schedule that will help you be successful.


Give us a call at 317-297-5272 to schedule your FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON!




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Family Karate Academy USA

8758 Crawfordsville Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46234

(317) 297-KARATE / (317) 297-5272

Email us at - FamilyKarateUSA@aol.com


hablo español: (317) 652-9012

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