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Welcome to the Family Karate Academy Lil’ Dragon Program.  This is a specially designed program for children that are 3 to 6 years of age.  This will help your child to develop skills at a younger age to help them in any endeavor that they continue in.  We look forward to serving your child and preparing them to be able to begin advanced training more quickly.

When is my child ready to begin Lil’ Dragons?

            Most children can begin as soon as they turn three years of age.  We look for three basic things in the child when we are taking them through their first introductory class.  First, can they listen and obey instructions?  Before children reach three years of age it is difficult for a child to listen to instructions in a group setting.  They have to be talked to as an individual.  But children that can hear and listen to instructions with other children present are ready for the Lil’ Dragon Program.  That does not mean they have to be able to follow the instructions completely.  For instance, if we ask them to put their left leg forward and they put their right, they are still following instructions; they just have not comprehended right and left.  Second, we look for children to have the attention span necessary to stay in the 20 – 25 minute class.  This does not mean that they have their complete focus on everything in the class.  Focus will come with time.  Third, we look to see if a child is reasonably correctable.  That means if the child is doing something wrong, and you correct them (i.e. back to the left and right illustration), they try to correct themselves.  That does not mean that they will necessarily remember later, or that they will always get it right, but they do try.  The instructor will be able to determine your child's readiness during the introductory lesson.

When is my child ready to move into the Regular Karate Program?

            Most children around 6 to 7 years of age are ready for our regular family karate program.  There is no certain age, and certainly the children in the Lil’ Dragon Program will be able to move up more quickly.  If your child begins to show an over ease with the Lil’ Dragon Drills and almost a slight boredom to the classes, your child is most likely ready to move on to the next level.  When it becomes obvious that your child is looking for a bigger challenge and your child shows a very strong memory for remembering material taught in previous classes, you can be sure that now is the time to get your child into the next level of training.  Talk to the instructor immediately when you see these signs.  Many times the instructor is keeping an eye on your child to see when he/she appears to be ready.  We want them in the next level of training as much as you do.  We know the more challenges we can encourage a child to face at a young age, the faster they will excel.


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Lil’ Dragon Curriculm

The following is a basic outline of the curriculum, belt ranking system, and stripe system for the Lil’ Dragon Program.  A child is ready to graduate about every eight weeks.  The child should have at least 8 stripes on his/her belt.  It is possible for a Lil’ Dragon to get 16 stripes during an eight week period of time if they come two times a week for the eight weeks. In order for a child to receive a stripe they must participate in the class.  Sometimes the stripes could be held back to encourage a child to do more in their next class.  This is not meant to be a punishment and should not be reinforced as such.  Instead, encourage the child that they just need to do their best in the next class so they can receive their stripe.  You will find the program is taught in a very upbeat method using spaced repetition and positive motivation.  We want to always encourage a child to do his or her best.  We never want to discourage them in such a way that the classes lose the excitement of participation.  As long as the child keeps coming to classes, parents continue to report improvements not just at the karate school but at home and other places. The program does work and you must be patient with us as we are patient with your child.  We are looking for long-term benefits not short-term results.  Always keep in mind that a parent is the worst critic of his or her own child.

Week #1          White Stripe                    Focus               to have eyes, mind and body concentrating on a goal

Week #2          Yellow Stripe                  Teamwork        to work together to accomplish a goal

Week #3          Orange Stripe                 Control             to be able to exercise control over oneself and other things

Week #4          Green Stripe                   Balance            to be able to control oneself to avoid falling or off balance

Week #5          Blue Stripe                     Memory             to bring back to remembrance

Week #6          Purple Stripe                   Discipline         to control oneself physically and mentally

Week #7          Brown Stripe                   Fitness              to keep the body at its best condition

Week #8          Black Stripe                    Coordination     to be able to correctly move your body 

The belt ranking system follows the same color scheme as the stripes.

A student begins with White Belt

Week Eight                  White Belt / Yellow Stripe

Week Sixteen              White Belt / Orange Stripe

Week Twenty Four      White Belt / Green Stripe

Week Thirty Two        White Belt / Blue Stripe

Week Forty                  White Belt / Purple Stripe

Week Forty Eight        White Belt / Brown Stripe

Week Fifty Six             White Belt / Black Stripe

Now we go to the Double Stripe Belts

Week Sixty Four          White Belt / Double Yellow

Week Seventy Two      White Belt / Double Orange

Week Eighty                 White Belt / Double Green

Week Eighty Eight        White Belt / Double Blue

Week Ninety Six           White Belt / Double Purple

Week 104                      White Belt / Double Brown

Week 112                      White Belt / Double Black

The karate they learn is spaced in with different activities and games to help them develop.  You will find many things are repetitious as they continue going up the ranks, but there will be differences.  The repetition keeps them encouraged and excited and help them to progress more quickly.  But variety of techniques is put in to help them learn new coordination skills and abilities.  You will notice after each graduation that the karate material will change ever so slightly.  They will always review the previous four weeks of material while learning new material.  One cycle they might learn basic kicks then the next four weeks we teach them how to kick with a rear leg while review the previous basic kicks.  Another eight weeks they may learn to spin backwards with a kick while reviewing the previous rear leg kicks.  Look for the similarities and differences that will help your child to be ready for the next level of training.

Most children will graduate out of the Lil’ Dragon’s Program long before they have the opportunity to complete all the belts.  However, receiving a new belt each eight weeks is a great way to encourage the child to recognize their progress and abilities.  We are excited to have your child participating in our program.  We look forward to great things happening as we work together to help your child become more successful in anything he or she sets their mind to accomplish.



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