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New Students:  The schedule displayed is not for your first introductory lesson.  You have to call and schedule that lesson.  The times for a new student are based upon the availability of an instructor to take you through your introductory karate lesson.  Once you have enrolled the following schedule becomes available to you.


Current Members:  You can come as often as you like to any of the scheduled classes for your rank and program.  We recommend 2-3 classes a week.  You can come to any of the class times that are convenient for you.  You do not have to preschedule your classes or notify us of any changes.  If you come into classes on a certain day of the week, it does not have to be the same days the next week.  We are having class regardless which classes you choose to come.  We teach to the students who show up to each of the class times the material for that level of class.


2017 School Closings

Saturday – Monday, May 27 - 29                   Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, July 4                                               Independence Day

Monday, September 4                                     Labor Day

Saturday, September 16                                  Clermont Festival Parade

Tuesday, October 31                                       Halloween

Thursday – Saturday, November 23 - 25        Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, December 9                                     Black Belt Extravaganza

Saturday, Dec. 23 – Monday, January 1         Holiday Break (Classes Start Date to be Announced for 2018)


2017 Graduations – No Classes Graduation Day!   New Weapon                    Leadership/Student Lifeskills

                                    Started December 12, 2016                         Sai & Kama (Sickle)              Communication / Goals

Saturday, January 28                 Graduation 1

Saturday, February 18           Graduation 2                                      Bokken (Wood Sword)          Charisma / Confidence

Saturday, March 25               Graduation 3

Friday, April 21                     Graduation 4                                     Nunchaku                               Creativity / Attitude

Saturday, May 20                  Graduation 5

Friday, June 16                      Graduation 6                                     Tonfa                                      Motivation / Goals

Saturday, July 15                   Graduation 7

Friday, August 11                  Graduation 8                                     Bo (Staff)                               Courage / Confidence

Saturday, September 9           Graduation 9

Friday, October 6                  Graduation 10                                   Sai                                          Persistence / Attitude

Saturday, November 4           Graduation 11

Friday, December 8               Graduation 12                                  Eiku (Oar)                               Vision / Goals

Saturday, December 9            Black Belt Extravaganza –     A Black Belts Only Graduation!


  • Graduation dates could be altered due to schedule conflicts.  Usually if graduation dates are changed it will be for the Friday or Saturday of that same week.                             

Snow & Cold Weather Closings

We prefer to stay open as often as possible; however, in rare cases we do close due to the severe weather. We will announce by 9 am for Morning Classes.  We will announce by 1 pm for Evening Classes.  Morning and Evening Classes could be cancelled separately.   We might cancel Morning Classes but still have the Evening Classes or vice versa.  To see if we are going to be closed you can check our Facebook site under “Family Karate Academy USA”.  If we are closed due to the weather, there will be an announcement on that day posted.  If there is no announcement on the home page by 1 pm, we are still having evening classes (or by 9 am for morning classes).  You can also call the school at (317) 297-5272.   If there is no answer, the greeting will be changed to announce any closings.  If you receive our standard greeting, then we are still having classes.



Find us

Family Karate Academy USA

8758 Crawfordsville Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46234

(317) 297-KARATE / (317) 297-5272

Email us at - FamilyKarateUSA@aol.com


hablo español: (317) 652-9012

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